About Us

At DialogCRM our work focus is on taking your online projects to the next level.  The main way we do this is by giving your website a full workout and supporting your strategic planning with a range of web tools and services that will help to grow your business by retaining your existing customers and helping you to get new ones.

We can also optimise and tune online assets and campaigns with better “go to market” plans. Check the services section for a fuller range of products and services which can be adapted for your specific business needs.

DialogCRM started out 10 16 years ago as a boutique web services firm by me – Jason Kemp. Since then we have worked with many specialists in extended project teams with agencies and business owners to make a difference. For more see my profile on LinkedIn

Since 2008 I have also been active in attending and organising wordcamps in Sydney, Auckland, Wellington, Melbourne and San Francisco and have worked with some of the smartest WordPress practitioners in the world. Australia and Aotearoa / NZ has some of the very best. It has been my honour to host Matt Mulleweg co-founder of WordPress in New Zealand a couple of times.

A background in research & analysis helps us make sense of big data and product development is a natural  outcome.

In short I live to change everything for the better by thinking differently about ideas that matter for people I like. If your project excites me than I will move heaven & earth to get results you can’t pay for but they are the ones you really, really want. 

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Ultimately this leads on to better collaboration with customers, colleagues, partners and suppliers on a structured basis to grow mutual business.

Our working definition of online strategy is to try and get ahead of the competition but still be easily accessible to customers and partners.

For CRM, I am committed to the market rather than to a single product. I have used, sold and promoted many of the leading systems in Australia and NZ for the past 25 years.

Non traditional approaches like blogging and other social tools and platforms have surpassed standard CRM systems for the most part in my view.

In my opinion many technology providers over-sell their particular technology system when what we really need is to be more externally focussed on the customers and partners with the best processes; then the system in that order.

From a product perspective I don’t believe there is a single “right answer” to each situation. It always comes down to how well a particular product or service fits the needs of your customers and your business.

Technology is now very much a commodity so I am more interested in the “why” of projects and the quality of thinking and planning. What you do with that thinking is what makes the difference.

When everyone has the same software and systems it will be the quality of our thinking that allows us to execute more effectively. The best run CRM system is only as good as our best manager, or management practice will allow which is why the CRM category is called CRMthinking.

The blog is my way to navigate and reflect on some of those outcomes and hopefully to uncover insights along the way. See a list of the Top 10 posts on this site to get an indication of which topics are most popular.

Since the late 70’s I have written on a wide range of topics for magazines and newspapers. More recently I wrote columns for Unlimited magazine and Idealog magazines. Much of my other writing is think-tank style research for clients. And in my blog which covers topics from architecture to economics and more.

I am based in Auckland, NZ * but Sydney, Australia is also close and much of my time is invested in growing Australian businesses or NZ business who export to Australia. * Since November 2021 have relocated to Otago for family reasons. On high speed fibre and can work remotely on projects. Prefer NZ and Australian timezones though. Thanks. 

As an associate of various work teams I can also provide extended marketing services such as specialist lead generation and channel development.