Careers / Partners

We believe in the transformational power of positive relationships and doing the right thing. We are also happy to live in an exciting time when the internet and the information economy has improved both richness and reach.

One practical implication of this means that we personalise services to each customer and each project. We are customer focussed and customer centric.

In the course of any project we are used to working with specialist contractors and partners. We can do a little of everything from artwork to engineering but really it is our strategic experience that provides the biggest payback to clients and for that we need to build up our core team.

We have our own network of specialist writers, coders, designers, sys-admins, architects and project managers but we are always delighted to find more clever people that we can work with.

In the short term we are particularly interested in hearing from intermediate and senior analyst / programmers with CSS skills. The ideal person knows their way around stylesheets (CSS) excels at PHP and web technologies along with the challenges of working on Open Source. A knowledge of WordPress Theme and Plugin development would be very useful.

Often we get asked by customers to test various functions or even develop a new capability for them. We need an equal combination of business nous and technical follow through.

We work especially with the WordPress platform which is best when hosted on the LAMP stack and so server admin capabilities with MySQL are also very useful.

Looking for a challenge or just a chat over coffee. Contact using the contact form to send us an introduction please.