After more than 20 years working on other peoples businesses by selling a product and or service, DialogCRM was quietly launched in mid 2004 to work on independent projects not bound by vendor relationships or corporate politics.

As the principal partner, I decided to become an independent “buyers agent” and strategic planner who could help businesses determine their own needs and understand a range of “buy or build” choices, mostly relating to the use of technology (e.g. software) in growing a business.

As an independent services provider – we find project partners who can supply each component. Often we end up working closely on the research and preparation of project plans and sometimes on the selection of suppliers and methodologies also.

Technology and software in particular is often seen as a magic bullet when – clearly it is not. Any business process needs structure and support from the leadership within the client company to better use existing processes and tools at their disposal. We are not far off a time when some of the better software programmes are available almost free via an “open source” or other similar approach.

What is really important to a business is not which tools you have – but how you use them and if we spend all our money on buying tools; it is hardly surprising when it is the tools (or software) that receives most of the budget and too much attention.

So imagine that for your next project the software was almost “free” but you could only use it if you had a roadmap and careful plan to make sure that it fully supported your business and existing processes. Immediately the emphasis changes and the project becomes about – making sure the business model; the “thinking” will actually support your objectives.

And most importantly that the management and staff know how to use really well -all of the tools at their service. Utilisation and front line business intelligence is an increasing area of focus for us.

We also work with independent partners in multiple areas to be able to offer a clean set of options for this on a transparent basis. We want to help you with the thinking and to celebrate business excellence by delivering the very best growth outcomes for you.