On April the 21st we had a WordPress users event in Auckland called a wordcamp and, no – it has nothing to do with scrabble 🙂

It is a celebration of what WordPress users are up to. This year we wanted to make the talks as useful as possible for attendees and also for the wider community spread around NZ and elsewhere.

On the day we had a 2 cameras setup and David Blair filmed all of the talks. Sam Cooke was our sound guy and Bill Bennett hosted a panel in the afternoon.

After excellent coffee from Johnny Wrays the day started at 9am with talks by Dee Teal, Dan Milward, Sam, Nikolasa & Potaua Biasney-Tule and Alex Shiels before lunch.

WordCampNZ DVD set 2012

All of the talks were great but my personal favourite was this one. I love the part when Potaua finds out that Google has the klingon but not Maori and so they led that project.

Nikolasa & Potaua Biasiny-Tule – DigitalMaori & WP Magazine Stylz

Check out all of the 14 NZ clips so far over at wordpress.tv especially Amanda Blum and

the afternoon panel which featured Vaughan Rowsell, Simone McCallum, Gianpaolo Grazioli and Bill Bennett.

For all wordcampers let me know what you think about the videos. Special thanks to David Blair & Sam Cooke for the sound, lights and camera.

We also thought of a way to combine the slides and video that we think is more useful that just the usual either / or vision mix. Enjoy.



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