Someone wiser than me once said that “life is wasted on the living” (Douglas Adams) and I know what he meant. I’ve also been lucky enough to meet people who have had near death experiences and one side effect is to make sure that every day counts and that we are not just filling in time.

LeaningTowardThisMachineEvery day there are those elusive moments of truth where something profound could happen but we only see such things if we are looking at just the right moment.

Too often we are caught up in the flow of things to really notice the best of moments. We think like Charles Bukowski says that living will “mess up our book sales in Europe” when really inspiration comes when we least expect it.

Real life is messy. Over the past few weeks I have really enjoyed watching a number of documentaries on writers such as JD Salinger, Hunter S Thompson, Gore Vidal and Charles Bukowski.

The Bukowski doc “Born Into This” was the most surprising to me. At the end Harry Dean Stanton reads out Charles Bukowski’s poem Bluebird

I haven’t thought much about Bukowskis work in years. To some the context of his work was on the dodgy margins and I can see that, but he was also (in my view) mining and polishing amazing poetry despite the obvious hardships in his life.

As we look forward to the holidays and the New Year it is a good time to find those bluebird elements in our own lives – to be inspired and to inspire others.

Another poem – also the title of the documentary.

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