Is your WordPress website performing as it should? With more online business and online traffic generally it may be time for a re-think about how your site works and which elements might need attention. Ask us to do a Planning review. Is your security good?

Do you have off-site backups in case something happens to your host? So many questions but these are just a few that come up nearly every day for me. I have made a list of frequently asked questions over here which I update from time to time. If you have a WordPress site then one of those answers could be just what you are looking for.

Have you heard the story about the axe? If we have an axe for a few years and keep swapping the head and even the handle we still think of that as “our axe”. In my case I like cycling and my bike is more than 30 years old now but in that time I have had both wheels replaced multiple times, chain, pedals, seat, handlebars etc. The only part of the bike that is the same now as it was when I started is the frame. However the bike still does what it it needs to and I still think of it as my bike.

It is a bit like that with websites only the analogies break down because the internet is global and there are positive and negative forces impacting on our business and personal lives.

Your website is a digital extension of you or your business and what was fit for purpose 2 or 3 years ago may not be the case now. Websites are complex as the connections between design, operations, code, usability and back end security are often hidden to the user.

We often tell people the best thing about WordPress is that it is easy to use. I also tell them that the worst thing about WordPress is that it is easy to use which is why you need a planning review for your WordPress website.

That sounds like a paradox because it is. My background is marketing and sales and for me websites are there to support offline and online processes and deliver tangible results. Unfortunately wrangling the technology to do this can be a bit deceptive because of unforeseen consequences and sometimes even unknown variables.

If you have a WordPress website and you would like an independent evaluation of how well it is working and whether it still fits in with your business / or personal needs then please feel free to call me and book some time for a review.

I can of course help with regular maintenance, updates and changes but the best way to start is with a planning workshop and then we can go from there.



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