Someone posted this clip today. Just imagine a few places stopping to share in this song. I learned how to play this song many years ago and I was in an orchestra for 5 years. The song itself (the Beethoven version) dates from 1824 but had actually been around as a poem for 39 years before that.

I also like this German version.

Instead we have various members of death cults fighting each other in a few hotspots we know about and many that we do not.

Somehow the wars in Congo, Yemen, Syria, Sudan and elsewhere are forgotten and we are transfixed by the insanity of politicians trying to win political arguments by just bombing the crap out of real people.

Humans must be the only species who actively vote against their own self interest.

In multiple countries around the world we have governments who completely lack empathy and insight into the well being of actual real people. That needs to change.

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