Since 2006 we have worked on more than 150 250+ WordPress websites. Some sites are for special projects and only last a year or two while others thrive. They range from the smallest personal sites to large scale multimedia – all singing, all dancing with games and more.

One very large site was called OperationHQ and that was developed for a TV series on behalf of an advertising agency. At the time it included its own social network and a gaming leaderboard. Unfortunately after 3 years that series is complete so the actual website is not available to review. Most sites run about 3 years between each upgrade. Some change their names and rebrand.

Other projects add new functions or integrate to external systems over time. One recent project has added extensive integrations to the site so that much of the content entered on the site ends up in database systems used by the client.

Here is an alphabetical List of some of the sites that we have worked on in the last few years. We have supported a fair number of not for profits with their first websites and have also worked on a number of educational projects.

We have a soft spot for the film industry and music where budgets are hard to find but the content is wonderful. You will notice some sites are not linked. Those are no longer running or we have no ongoing association. Some web projects are off the radar or are confidential for other reasons.

Autonomy First, Autonomy First lawyers ,Acrostic Consulting,  Ariki Developments, ArtsTherapyNZ Trust,  AUT University – Communication Studies, Australian Graphene Industry Association,  Auckland District Law Society Report, BrightMindLabs – Education, Careersure,  2 Compli, Cityview Church, Cityvision,  Cycle Action – Non Profit now BikeAuckland , Cheer Challenge – Spinal Unit Fundraising, Crownfibre -UFB – Govt now is Crown InfrastructureCleary Wealth ,Comedy Trust and Coom for Council


Comprehensivecare – WaitemataPHO, , Costa Botes – Lone Pine Films, Creatively – LY Design, Cape York – Community IT Services, Dialtone, Dexterity Productions – Mark Leishman, DVD & TV – Raising Children , Flowerstation, First Space Fiber – Africa, Giapo – Ice Cream & Research KitchenGrey Lynn Community Centre, Grey Lynn Farmers MarketGrey Lynn 2030, Grey Lynn Business Association, Gusto and Grace, Henselaw, Nanoscale Science and Engineering Laboratory, Imagine Intelligent Materials which started life as NanoCarbon. Natalie Cutler Welsh

Justin Brown Books, Luke Hurley Music, Matz Architects, Mt Victoria Bowling Club,  NZX Blog – Stock Exchange,  Paleozonenutrition – Julianne Taylor, Justin Scott – Personal Blog, O’Neils Personnel -HR,  Pippa Coom – Politics, Pink Lemonade Sports TV, Prompt Service

siennadesign.co.nz raisingchildren.co.nz creatively.co.nz oneilswebsite

Razor Films – Mark McNeill, Refocussing Therapy, St Francis Catholic Primary School, St Pauls Primary School, ASSA – Social Studies resource.

Smartco MeteringSienna DesignSpacific Films, Speak No Evil, TAPAC – Arts Venue, Trent Bray Swim School, The Connector – Social Media, Tweet2Eat – Hawkes Bay, Science Media Centre – JournalismSola Rosa – MusicYoung Enterprise – Alumni, Well-Lit, Wazoodesign and many others not listed here.

What this list of websites shows is that we have worked with a wide range of clients and sectors in New Zealand, Australia and beyond. In most cases what you see in each site is the budget and the content that we had to work with.

A portfolio like this doesn’t necessarily tell the full story of which particular technical, design or content obstacles were managed but it may be useful when reviewing ideas and to get a reflection of our experience. Much of the cleverness of websites lies in their information architecture and what is left out.

In truth we can build absolutely anything online. The scope is only ever subject to a budgeting and the best marketing plan at the time. If you would like us to build you a website then it is best to talk to us directly about what your needs are. We can then find a meaningful comparison and talk you through the options available. Go here for more detail on website planning