Why Choose Us?

What most businesses want is to grow by maintaining existing customers and to add new customers. (RAG= Retain, Acquire, Grow)

To achieve this growth most companies require a range of skills and experience especially in sales and marketing. Typically you also need to invest in software and systems so that you can support your key business processes. CRM -(Customer Relationship Management)can be quite complex and time consuming.

We are subject matter experts in CRM. We are also thought leaders that are working with the best people and the best systems. We’d love to help you.

We can save you time and money and we can lower the stress of getting it right.

For example, many businesses are told they need a (new/better) website, when what they really need is to sell more of whatever they have or to uncover value by connecting with the right kind of customers (segmentation) or to explore new ways of providing value for their existing customers (LTV) and so on.

Getting a website is a bit like buying a drill when you really only want the holes.

Remember the story about the DoItYourselfer (DIY) and the plumber. DIY wo/man is at home trying to fix a plumbing problem. They spend a lot of time crawling under the house and trying different things to fix their problem. Banging pipes and crawling in the dirt can be fun (no, really!) but eventually DIY person calls in a subject matter expert (the plumber.)

The plumber fairly quickly identifies the precise location of the problem, gets out the right tool and almost as quickly fixes the problem. He/she makes it look easy because they know exactly where to “hit the spot”. See examples at What is CRM Used For?