A Poem for Easter

Some of the very best writing is to be found in poetry. It being Easter – here is an Easter poem by Keith Newman*. Reproduced by kind permission of the author.


When Abraham was asked
If he would sacrifice his son
It wasn’t out on highway 61:

On a stone cut without hands
foundation for an ancient temple
This sacred act of selflessness
Marks time like a sentinel

A passion play
beyond Shakespeare’s pen:
The founder of 12 tribes,
under his father’s knife
In the shadow
of the ultimate sacrifice.
Waiting for the King of Hearts

The earth travailed
at Abel ’s last breath;
And when the prophets
were put to death;
And judges and kings
failed the loyalty test

So why choose this place?
Is this where Abraham
met Melchezedec face to face;
by the foundation stone
of the City of Peace?

A plan mapped out
At the dawn of time
finally drags humanity
up the Way of Sorrows
to the crossroads of history

where all thoughts
are bought into submission
The place of the skull
overlooking Gehenna’s
waste disposal system

Where wood, hay and stubble
give way to gold
and silver glistening;
The King of Hearts
must have wondered
if anyone was listening?

A child with the government
on his shoulders
Brutally beaten by Roman soldiers
Betrayed by those he’d come to save
King of the Jews sent to the grave

100 prophecies fulfilled
Perfect timing parts the veil
Again the earth travails
for sons and daughters
yet to be revealed.

Cycles of time revisited
in the interests of salvation
As they say in real estate
it’s location, location;
Right here, right now
Forgiveness and restoration.

The greatest gift
from the great I AM
Without spot or wrinkle
the Passover lamb
offering safe passage
to the Promised Land

So how long will we let him hang
between the trees of law and grace?
Will we look mercy in the face
and run with this great hope
Or continue gambling for his robe?

It is finished. The price is paid
The stone’s been rolled away
Love fulfilled the law
The King of Hearts is at the door

The Creator of the Universe
does not play dice
Three days after the cross
he had a full house.

– Keith Newman (Easter 2007)

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