Successful Sales Positioning Online

Sales research is a regular part of my role in helping to develop better results for my customers and their projects. Increasingly the first contact most of us have with a new business contact is via their website and that may be all the contact we have.

The question is- are we making it easy for strangers and prospects to do business with us. From a recent project where I looked at some 300 sites in NZ (+ Australia & elsewhere) – the answer is not very.

In fact there were still quite a number of companies without websites at all which makes it much harder to guess how they might be useful. There just isn’t enough time to call everyone any more and chances they’ll answer the call are also slim.

Usually I’m looking for a clear indication of what is most important to that business and some reason to explore further and maybe call them. Like many prospects I want to save time and get a clearer idea of specific areas where that company might be able to assist.

As I work on multiple projects in NZ and Australia there is a very wide range of sites and industries. Your future customers may be offshore and they too will likely check your website first.

Here are three of the better examples of sales positioning from the U.S, Australia and NZ.

Customer advocacy works!
This summary from a real estate agent got my attention. Hat tip to Andy who mentioned her in passing. There is almost too much information there including a video intro which I think we’ll be seeing more of. (Scroll to the bottom of the linked Mary Pope-Handy page. )

The style of the overall site is not to my taste but the real key in this is to make a meaningful connection with prospective customers.

Conveying credibility, honesty, respect and trust in a few paragraphs is not always easy but here is a paragraph that would have convinced me if I was I was looking for this particular service.

“Folks who are buying and selling homes in Silicon Valley are highly sophisticated. They don’t need a “sales job” but an advocate who provides them with good data and a way to make sense of it so they can make intelligent decisions that will have long-term benefits.

I work to help them, every step of the way, to analyze all the facts and stay current on everything affecting the buying and selling of homes: new laws, contractual changes and implications, trends, environmental issues and, or course, market conditions.

I use a lot of high-tech tools but keep an equally high-touch approach and am excellent at staying in constant communication. I am fortunate to always work with clients who are nice, honest, and committed to buying and selling – but also clients who refer me enthusiastically.

They tell me that they appreciate my knowledge, skills, dedication and determination, but above all else they recognize that I put their best interests first.”

Recognising that your customers are smart and that you need to add real value to the engagement process is critical. Understanding how to be professional and personal at the same time can win first chance at a new sale.

Law and legal services is a complex area and many prospects are wary of the expense and time commitments. Here is a great example of sharp positioning from Dilanchian who are intellectual property and innovation specialists based in Sydney. The site has almost too much information which is exactly opposite many of the larger law firms. One post in particular caught my eye – as sales positioning it has street appeal.

10 conversations about business models

“Listed in this post are 10 topics for telephone conversations we would happily have free-of-charge. If you want to discuss the topics call us whether you are a client, collaborator or a stranger. We’re proposing an open conversation to exchange thoughts, play cards and see where that might lead.”

1. What is affordable for you to do to increase the value of your business or go to the next stage?
2. How can you improve and secure revenues from intellectual property and fee for services?
3. Which branding and trade mark registration strategies help in an age of product proliferation?

Go there to check the other seven reasons and let me know what you think?

Collaboration Excellence
Also in the complex services space is the business of Michael Sampson who is focused on effective collaboration strategies and practice for a range of local and international clients.

“Michael Sampson helps people, teams and organizations improve performance through effective collaboration practices and technology.”

This site is is also information rich and engaging and but right there on the front page there is a single positioning sentence and a eye catching Michael Sampson which cuts to the chase quite nicely. See speech graphic below.

So – does your website generate sales leads and support your business well? If so let us know what your top examples are. If not perhaps we can help. Ironically my services page needs an update now. 🙂