Deepening the Debate

Two years and 5 days ago I started this blog to be able to store up a bit of a reference library of ideas and experiences for customers, friends and myself.

It has snowballed to be much more than that. Thanks to the readers in the US, Australia, NZ and UK especially but every week brings new surprises.  Great ideas are being recognised and debated in this and many other blogs around the world. Thanks for stopping by today.

Currently in talks with others on how to deepen the political and economic debate for improved outcomes for NZ and the global economy.  Stay tuned for ideas on how this might be focussed and shaped.

The first post was welcome to a BlogVenture where I included a quote by Charles Kettering

“The only difference between a problem and a solution is that people understand the solution.”- by Charles Kettering.

87 posts (90+ comments Thanks Mark, David and everyone who coments) and roughly 100,000 words later I think I’m getting the hang of the questions.

I also work on about 50 other websites and so this blog gets a bit low on airtime from me while I juggle other blogs and client projects.

On the whole though – the plan has been to post a more thoughtful piece at least once a month and preferably once a week and so 87 posts in 102 weeks is about 80%+ of the time that has worked.

I need to update my list of top 10 posts – but it has been very gratifying to get feedback – much of it not published from hundreds of correspondent and thousands of readers worldwide.

I was really challenged by Seth Godin a few months back who wrote something to the effect that bad times still create opportunities for us to articulate a differnt future. We don’t need to be frozen in the headlights.

Marketers spend a lot of time describing a future and making it real.

I am an optimist and I know that there are some smart thinkers out there. Blogging offers a way to get past the shallowness of public debate on some of these areas.

As a reader you can help me and other bloggers by challenging us with questions and feedback.

If you are a blogger you can also do the same and write your contributions on your sites and other public spaces such as the NZX one.

As voters and members of the community we deserve a better, smarter outcomes for our children and our families. A dash of humour doesn’t hurt either.

As it happens I’m going to meet some other bloggers today in person for the first time. Expecting it to be fun and looking forward to some sharp moments. (Step away from the keyboard… your lunch has arrived etc.)

You may have seen this already from Jack Black. Light hearted but captures the long term perspectives very well.

Or if you prefer to explore paradigms and game changing rather than just shuffling the deckchairs- Here is a quote from John R. Ehrenfeld writing in ChangeThis – 2503beyondsustain Creative Commons – (so download and recycle)

The Problem with Our Solutions
“As a society, we are addicted to solving our problems through a reductionist frame. When
we confront problems in the world, we chop them into small pieces and give each piece to a
specialist familiar with that chunk.

Over time, as we have done this more and more, society’s competence to address the complex, messy problems we confront has diminished. Unsustainability is just such a messy problem.

Sustainability is a holistic concept that takes an equally holistic stance to attain. Reductionist solutions will not suffice.”

The full manifesto is available from ChangeThis