Innovation Competition for NZ

How would you like NZ$1m of R& D help in for your company to reposition and diversify through inovation? There is a competition on over at

This kind of competition can help with morale and practical help to acelerate other projects that can move NZ businesses forward in this time. Be bold and check it out.  This competition is targeted at manufacturing and industrial sectors but includes ICT, biotech and wide range of other sectors.

“be operating in an area focused in manufacturing, bio-manufacturing, ICT, health and medical, energy, or other related areas”

but see the full entry detail at their site.

“The winning entry will, to the judges’ satisfaction, meet the following criteria:

  • Accurately describe their business’ vision and direction, its target markets and market positioning
  • Clearly define the technology problem or R&D need of the New Zealand company
  • Identify key IRL capabilities required to develop the novel solution
  • Describe the impact e.g. financial, spillover and/or economic benefits the $1m solution will have on the business
Identify the additional resources within the company to take the novel solution into growing markets.”

Industrial Research is the main sponsor for this competition. In an earlier news realease back in Feb of this year the CEO commented:

In the current economic environment, the challenge for New Zealand industry is to use science and technology to create high-value products and services that meet the demands of discerning consumers in offshore markets.

Industrial Research Limited (IRL) is well aware of these challenges. In 2009, the company will work even more closely with New Zealand businesses to understand their market needs and assist them to create products and services that are truly competitive in the global marketplace.

As you would imagine there is a relatively detailed process that you can check out of the website.

There are briefing sessions around NZ and the Auckland one is next week.

Whats Your Problem NZ - Competition

Whats Your Problem NZ - Competition

25 March 2009 (Auckland)
Venue: IRL, 24 Balfour Road, Parnell

Please join IRL representatives to learn more about this nationwide R&D competition “What’s your problem NZ?”

This is an opportunity to discuss your ideas and find out more information about entering the competition.

If you would like to register please RVSP to

This is the competition that gives you the chance to address the technology problem that is holding you back or develop that novel idea alongside our world-leading technology experts.

All you need to do is describe that novel idea or technology problem and describe how winning $1 million of research and development services would significantly impact your business.