Who will be the new Financiers?

Hazel Henderson writes in a recent post

“A venture capitalist friend of mine asked me in a recent discussion about the financial meltdown, “who will be the new financiers?”

I answered immediately, “the new financiers will be the high-level information and knowledge brokers – and they will aggregate the new research on global change processes and lead in structuring the deals now creating the growing green economy.” Today information and media drive markets.

These new financiers are already operating unseen by traditional Wall Streeters and asset managers. They are largely invisible to current financial players and governments because information is their prime currency; rather than money.

The new deal-makers value the role of honest, well-managed currencies that remain dependable stores of value and mediums of exchange. Money is a special kind of information, not a commodity in itself, but rather a brilliant invention of the human mind.

When backed by real-world goods and service, as well as strong contracts, money can accurately track and score human ingenuity, productivity and transactions interacting with the natural wealth of resources of our home: Planet Earth.”

By Hazel Henderson © 2009

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I was reminded of this after checking out the upcoming talk by Thomas H. Greco, Jr

International Guest Speaker Thomas H Greco, Jnr. Wednesday 8th April, 7.00pm

Venue: Auckland University Theatre OGGB5, Owen G Glenn Building , 12 Grafton Rd Auckland

The global financial crisis is no accident. It is the natural outcome of a flawed system that has long been building to a climax.

Tom Greco is a community how and why conventional money and banking malfunction, describes the comprehensive metamorphic change that civilization is presently experiencing, and outlines voluntary alternative approaches to exchange and finance that empower communities and reward people fairly.

Tom Greco is a community and monetary economist, writer, networker, and consultant, who for three decades has been working at the leading edge of transformational restructuring. He is regarded as a leading expert in monetary theory and history, credit clearing systems, community economic development and complementary currencies.

P.S Greco also speaking in Wellington (St John Church Centre cnr Dixon & Willis St.), Tuesday 14th April 7pm.  Check comment links below for Greco podcast on RadioNZ

In the search for alternative scenarios for what comes next I find it useful to look at the history as well. A documentary series like Commanding Heights (2003) is a very good place to start.

This is a legendary series screened by PBS in the US.  Embedded video link follows. You will need broadband otherwise go to the main site (link above) and check for other versions.

Part 1 Commanding Heights