Productivity & the Mobile

Most of my work is online and so once a new activity is in train the follow on step is to find ways to speed up the process so that I can scale up my work.

Sometimes this is because I can offer a new service if I can reinvent a process in a smart way but more often than not it is just to fit everything in.

Here are 4 ways that I get to work a bit smarter and faster during the day. It would be great to hear what works for you.

  1. One trick I use is to have two computers going most of the time. I use a PC and a Mac as I often have to test online content in different ways but really some things just work better on a particular combination.
  2. For web browsers on the PC I have Internet Explorer8 which I only use for testing as it chews all of the system resources and I used to prefer Firefox as it was better and then it too got a memory leak. I also tried Safari and Chrome on the PC but most of the time I use Opera which is little known but doesn’t seem bloated and is faster most of the time.  I use Safari, Opera and Firefox on the Mac – mostly Safari.
  3. Use iTouch (or iPhone) applications on wireless for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter* and Joost plus numerous other device tuned applications. This is much faster and keeps ram and other system resource on your computer available for other applications.
  4. Use iTouch for email on IMAP so I can delete (from server) and fast respond to emails on the fly when I wandering around or taking a break from the desk.

I was very late to get an Ipod mainly because I’ve had a good stereo for ever and I can never get comfortable with any earplugs.  I even use SKYPE with the inbuilt mic and speakers on the Mac because I don’t like normal headphones either.

* So many twitter applications. The impression is that most twitter innovations come from people like twitteriffic and others on mobile platforms. I’m using the Version 2 in premium edition which has no ads but the free versions seems fine as well.

However the second generation iTouch has speakers and a very nice screen for video podcasts from TED or Joost. I use wireless broadband rather than a phone data connection because I get 25GB allowance every month and its just smarter to use that first when I can.

From time to time I still login using a web browser for Facebook or other social media type applications but much of the value comes from a frequent and high level view of events rather which is faster and easier on a mobile device.

BTW I’m most impressed with videos from the Joost platform. There is an iPhone / iTouch application for Joost which is very impressive for video streaming. Much better than YouTube which is all clogged up.

Joost tends to get overlooked  with much of the buzz coming from Hulu (although we can’t view that outside the U.S) but I’m picking it has some clever back end systems which make it smarter and less traffic helps as well.

So, would any of these approaches work for you? or do you have some online productivity tricks to share?