I haz a dream

At last years TEDxAkl event one of the best presentations was by Scott Gilmour of “ihaveadream

I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with Scott before and so when the programme opened at Wesley I took my daughter along for a look. She goes to a decile 10 school not that far away from Wesley but a world away in terms of opportunity and outcomes.

That is – unless some of us help out to change the odds. I have a dream aims to inspire the whole school and related community by helping a whole class.

“Each local “I Have a Dream”® project adopts one entire year level from the founding Primary School. They work with this group of children (“the Dreamers”) and their families year-round from their primary school years through university. Each project has its own unique Project Sponsor(s), its own full time Project Co-ordinator, and its own group of dedicated and committed volunteers.”

“In 2003, the first “I Have a Dream”® project outside of the USA started up at Wesley Primary School in Mt Roskill, a suburb of Auckland, New Zealand.”

Scott presented at #tedxakl ’09 last year – here is the video of that presentation.

I’m helping out on TEDxAkl “ideas worth spreading” 2010 this year. You can get your TEDxAkl tickets over here. No essay required this year.