The evolution of venture capital

Dave McClure over at 500hats is always a good read. His posts on reinventing venture capital there and at various conferences make a great deal of sense.

I really liked MoneyBall for Startups a recent very long essay – which is an essential read if the future of business is your thing.

“the primary issue is that investors of all shapes and sizes have become incredibly lazy and complacent over the past two decades, measured by both activity and by IRR.  Meanwhile, the consumer internet has brought a tsunami of technological & behavioral change which has resulted in stunning reductions in time & cost needed to distribute products and services to the over 2-3B connected people on the planet.”

On a recent visit to Silicon Valley and San Francisco I was personally struck by the gap between the incredible resources on offer and the sorts of projects that I saw pitched.

In my personal view I know NZ and Australian businesses who could do a whole lot better than what I saw at Web 2.0 and generally around. On the other hand I did meet some extremely smart people who are doing very well and in time will write about them as well.

There are better ways to measure all of this and I did see an applied math project that got me very excited.

Of course- it is not quite as simple as that but Dave McClure is the go to guy on these and related topics.

If you have less time and you want to try the more gentle option the slideshow below may suit.

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