Plum Jungle & Tokyo Love-In

This video clip is from Plum Jungle: Pete Longworth (photography), Michael K. Chin (music), Christopher Baron (film). @PlumJungle are coming across to Auckland and presenting at TEDxAuckland on 26th of Sept. I’m looking forward to this. Music, film, photography, media and more. Michael is @TokyoLoveIn Genres:Electronic, Music, Jazz

‘Life on Top of Hyde Park’ project – the genesis for other works like, ‘Another Time, Another Pace’. Music: ‘Crosstown’ – from the album, ‘Life on top of Hyde Park’ by Michael K. Chin (Tokyo Love-In)

Available on iTunes:

I like the work but also spotted that @FundBreak is partly behind some of this creative work. Their tagline is FundBreaker, Crowd funding platform for your projects & ideas.

I don’t believe we have anything like this in NZ . The fundbreak business model looks like a great way to lend a hand up. I have written here before about peer to peer banking and development aid. This looks like a start-up waiting to happen here. The Big Idea New Zealand creative community meets Give a Little.

Apparently there is some $ available The New Zealand Venture Investment Fund says $50 million has become available to establish new funds targeting innovative local companies …not strictly for creative companies (The deadline for proposals for new funds is 5pm Monday, 27 September 2010.)

What is Fundbreak?
Fundbreak is a new crowdfunding platform and community for creative projects and ideas. Developed for artists, musicians, filmmakers, journalists, designers, entrepreneurs, inventors, event organisers, software developers and all other creative’s, to raise funds and give project creators the break they need to realise their goals and aspirations.

How does Fundbreak work?
Fundbreak provides project creators with a platform to present their ideas to a worldwide audience. If anyone likes the idea, they can support it by pledging money to the creator’s project. In return for support, the project creators will offer rewards depending on the level of funding; essentially differentiating itself from the normal funding process.

Who is the Fundbreak team?
The Fundbreak team is made up of four energetic, tech-savvy, eccentric team members, situated in Sydney.

Whether you are a part-time photographer or an inspiring xylophone musician, Fundbreak is here with a capable platform in helping you find your funds.