Enginuity Day calls for more females to study engineering

As the father of a very creative daughter who loves to design and make all kinds of things I am keen for her to check in with subject matters experts across a wide range of disciplines.

So on Thursday the super kid and I went into the Engineering school for an hour to hear 3 talks which were part of Enginuity Day calls for more females to study engineering focus.

“The University of Auckland is encouraging Year 13 high school girls studying physics and calculus to explore the possibility of a career as an engineer at its upcoming Enginuity Day on Thursday 28 June.

Held at The Faculty of Engineering, Enginuity Day will see more than 200 students from 35 secondary schools from across the North Island taking part in the annual event.

This year’s theme “Imagine, Innovate, Discover, Design”, will explore the ways in which engineers discover solutions to problems by using their imagination to design innovative answers.

Robyn MacLeod, Women in Engineering Equity Adviser, says students will be given a problem and work as a team with students from other schools to come up with a viable solution. Engineers Without Borders will tie this in with their other projects which confront global challenges of poverty, sustainable development and social inequity.

Currently 23 percent of all engineering undergraduates studying engineering at The University of Auckland are female, a figure the University hopes to eventually increase to 50 percent.”

Anyone who can drop jelly babies into liquid nitrogen and then shatter them is going to win with visual spatial thinkers and so after seeing that miss 10 loved the Nano tech talk from Michelle Dickinson.

And I have to keep an close eye on the toaster and other household appliances 🙂

or direct link if the video is not visible

For me I liked all the talks but I was particularly interested in the living roof projects especially in Auckland. I have been to the California Academy of Sciences by Renzo Piano in SF and as an architecture buff I loved the De Young Museum just across the park from there.

We heard the high octane version of this talk plus 2 others. Miss 10 was inspired enough to declare that nano technology and engineering is definitely on the probable career option list now that she knows more about it.

Nanotechnology Lecture

I would say the Enginuity Day mission was accomplished.

If you are a teacher you might like this infographic “Girls are smarter than Boys”