What all 19 year olds should be doing

I heard Linh speak in Sydney a week or so back and she is now 21 and still going strong. Here she is at TEDxChCh – Linh Do – Defying Social Norms for Social Change – from Oct 2010.

“In this talk, Linh Do asks some important questions: What is normal? And how abnormal do we have to be to effect social change?

19-year-old Linh Do is the founder of Change and Switch in Australia. Four years ago, Linh initiated the Change a Million Light Bulbs project in Melbourne to get people to switch from incandescent to LED or compact fluorescent light bulbs. The project later went Australia-wide under the name Change and Switch and, as of November 2009, incandescent light bulbs are no longer for sale in Australia.”

Change&Switch (C&S) is an organisation that amalgamates the environmental issues with social justice problems. It is dedicated to solving these problems through sustainable practices.

in 2012 on her website Change & Switch

‘Social change leads to political change’

“It’s the smaller things in life that lead to bigger changes, nothing is achievable if it does not have the backing support of the people. “

I love hearing these ideas being refreshed.

There are many proverbs about journeys – “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” and so on. These things are true and enduring.

There is a great Paul Kelly song “From Little Things Big Things Grow
The song was co-written by Paul Kelly and Kev Carmody,[1] and is based on the story of The Gurindji Strike and Vincent Lingiari

Yesterday it was lightbulbs, today it is the freakin UN, tomorrow who knows what Linh will be up to. Follow Linh on twitter @lmdo for more world changing adventures.