Nethui 2012

This week I am at a 3 day internet conference. Unlike many events that I attend this one appears to be quite generalist although there are specific streams.

First session that I attended was

“Ms. Harbour will address the FTC’s enforcement trifecta – the Twitter, Facebook, and Google Consent Orders, US and EU Privacy Laws and other regulatory enforcement activities.”

In other words- this is NZ ( ice truckers is top tv here) – we want something a little more “present” and engaging but I couldn’t possibly say that.

However after looking at @gnat’s fine notes on google over here there was some good content in that address fighting to get out.

The part about google particularly caught my ear.

“Earlier this month, Google submitted proposals to EU Competition Commissioner over claims that Google was abusing its dominant position. These areas involved: the ways Google ranks its competitors results, copying content from other sites, exclusive advertising agreements, and restrictions on transferring ad campaigns to other platforms. EC decide whether to resolve case or settle formal charges. And they’re under investigation in US for potential anti-trust violations.

In my view, the precursor to these investigations began when the US FTC approved the Google DoubleClick merger in December 2007″

and FB

“In Nov 2011, Facebook agreed to settle FTC charges that it deceived customers by saying they could keep their info on Facebook private, but then repeatedly sharing it and making it public. Repeatedly violated S5 of the Act” etc…

For me the next session was Copyright and the Internet, facilitated by David Farrar

I went over to this session( after receiving a hot tip from another attendee – a bit like a race day – I imagine)

Consumer involvement with their health and wellness information (Facilitator: Sebastian Morgan-Lynch)

A single shared electronic health record has been the holy grail of many health systems around the world. However it has proved difficult, complex and expensive to achieve. One of the reasons for failure has been the lack of clinical leadership and consumer involvement.

Sebastian made some good points

Next session went right down the middle.

Not to be unfair but I thought it was same old, same old. A few people had a shot but there wasn’t anyone in the room from SkyTV and the TVNZ person kept quiet.

(Note: I’m about to write a blog post on the future of TV Broadcasters – the short version – there isn’t one. )

I watch a huge amount of film and video content but none of it comes from TV. Of course I’m an outlier and so don’t mind me but regulating a dinosaur is unnecessary in my book.

They will die as soon as people wake up to unlimited datacaps and appletv’s. It has already happened overseas. (Rant over)

The Digital Divides story by Emma Smythe was a show stopper and rightly got a standing ovation. Wasn’t sure where it was going for a bit but a personal redemption story always brings it all into sharp focus.

Note: Sam has a locked stream and I couldn’t find Di Daniels on twitter.

Poutaua does some levelling up.

Last session was on the TPP – a thoroughly bad idea and for once even our govmint seems to get that – although they are pragmatic to a fault and may still sell us out.

Good to hear David Farrar on this point.

Daniel Spector and others has prepared earlier.

Yeah so – about that selling our souls thing.

In the bad old days disturbed people were buried at the crossroads to. Lets not go there…

What is the point of watching mapping our future and then ignoring it. Lets look at the chart again.

Fonterra is big and very high on the rev/employee but not to the point of selling us down the river. We have some high value manufacturing and other exports that can do much better.

Last words went to Aussies Anne – in short – “learn from Australian mistakes on TPP” and visiting legend Pia Waugh

Thanks to all for a great day. Follow the people above if you don’t already.