Swimming at Bondi Icebergs in Winter

I have been swimming at Bondi Beach and the Bondi pool before in the summer like many others. However I have always wanted to swim there in the winter for the full ice bergs experience.

So on Friday 21st at 7:30am I took the plunge and swam 1 km with a friend. He had a bathing cap – they are recommended as it prevents extra heat loss.

For me it was a quick 20 lengths ( 50m pool) and out then a sauna before heading into a city before work.

For me – ( no cap) just had to swim faster – so refreshing but its Australia and the temperature was 18 degrees Celsius ( 64 degrees F.)

I can recommend it and will be there again in September if any Sydney siders want to join me. Now I’m looking for pools in LA and SF for an upcoming trip.

Here are some more photos of the morning.


Bondi-icebergs from the street