Kiwi Landing Pad in SF

Last month I was up in San Francisco and it was great to meet James Reid and Reuben Metcalfe at the Kiwi Landing Pad. Thanks to their generosity I was able to get a desk and a WiFi connection for a couple of days while I was checking out projects in Silicon Valley and in SF itself.

It costs $140/ for 7 days (24 hour access) and having a desk space takes away one of the early pain points for most NZ businesses. KLP is easy to find. San Francisco has an excellent bus service across town and the grid street layouts means navigating around the city is also predictable.

Catapault gets you 1 month at the KLP as a package deal and Reuben and the team there can fill you in on the local knowledge.

Here is a photo of James and Reuben in front of some other blokes you may know of. I couldn’t resist taking the snap when I saw them both in black.

you need to get everything done.

Bernard Shaw (or was it Oscar Wilde /Winston Churchill) once famously described the US and UK as being “divided by a common language”. It is a truism that many cultural differences in dealing with US culture are well worth having help with and that is what Catapault does in part. New Zealand English is a both a dialect and a cultural filter.

Mostly that is a good thing but having better insights on (how Kiwis’ can) do more  / better business in the US is a very practical help.

KLP is a startup incubator / co working office in SOMA over on Harrison St not far from the Caltrain station. Caltrain is the best place to catch a train out to Silicon valley. I went out to San Mateo to visit Avos Systems* (offices there and in Beijing, China and Dunedin!) and also Menlo Park / Palo Alto home of FB and most of the VC firms. More on those visits in a later post though.

*Big ups to Otago University for recognising an opportunity and helping one of the Avos team get academic credits and residency in Dunedin. Avos is a company we will be hearing more about for sure.

Here is a video of James and Reuben talking about what happens at Kiwi Landing Pad and how you can get a “soft landing” for your company up there. Go the KLP 🙂