Architecture and Engineering at TEDxAuckland

Architect Andrew Paterson presented at the recent TEDxAuckland 2012. What I love about TEDx events is that we can have an architect talking on the same stage as a medical doctor and a poet and so on. This year 17 speakers all had a great time.

Andrew’s talk was called Rebuilding architecture from the ground up and was about another approach to architecture “form follows whanau” rather than just being about space and light.

There is a very fine line between sharing an idea worth spreading and the presenter talking too much about themselves. All of the speakers are by definition fairly interesting people but what works best is an idea reflected through real world experience. The journey is important.

What Paterson talks about is interesting but when he shows us the designs that is the magic. Here is the full talk on video.

Now for the engineeering part. Michelle Dickinson: Nanogirl – My quest to become a superhero or how breaking stuff as a kid can lead to a nano technology future and more.

Here Michelle shows us spinning nano things ( super conductor) and pours liquid chocolate on a shoe*. It was a great start to the day and more videos will be loaded up as the editing is completed. The best link to bookmark for Auckland videos is over here.

*The shoe had an invisible nano coating – watch video below to see what happens.