TEDxAuckland Radio Interviews

Over the past few weeks a number of the TEDxAuckland 2012 speakers have talked with National Radio. Here are Sean Gourley, Assil Russell and Matthew Simmons radio clips. TEDx talks on the day are limited to 18 minutes each so these extended radio clips give more background.

“New Zealand-born physicist Sean Gourley on the mathematical patterns that underly war, global intelligence, and his roles as a political advisor to the Iraqi government, the UN and the Pentagon.”

“Assil Russell is an Iraq born New Zealand dental surgeon who set up the not-for-profit organisation ICARE (Iraqi Children’s Aid & Repair Endeavour). This charity runs small community level projects with volunteers providing dental and medical services where they are most needed and unavailable.”(27:09)

“New Zealand inventor and entrepreneur Matthew Simmons on how he turned his afterschool job of fixing stereo speakers into an internationally successful electronics business involved in everything from acoustics to geothermal power generation and nuclear sciences. Matthew Simmons is the managing director of sound technology company Arvus Group International, and one of the speakers at upcoming TEDx talks in Auckland.” (33:17)

TEDxAuckland is tomorrow