Physics: Dr David Krofcheck: Higgs boson

One of the unexpectedly funny talks at TEDxAuckland 2012 turned out to be Dr David Krofcheck talking about his role in the search for the Higgs boson and how the large hadron collider is used.

The talk could have been called “when protons collide” or “when bunches of hundreds of millions of protons smash together” what happens next.

I’m really not sure anyone outside of the physics community really cares this much about protons but it is always a delight to have a specialist who is this enthusiastic about his topic.

Krofcheck poses the question – Why do we do this?

“They were told a fairytale and they have have the ability now to check out the fairytale and this is the same reason I do this now. I can check out the fairytales…
because sometimes…”

Watch the full TEDxAuckland video below