MobileEye – The Mind Leading the Blind

MobileEye is a software start-up that is striving to help the blind better experience the world around them. This is a talk from TEDxAuckland 2012.It was great to see such a early phase start-up at TEDxAuckland. Here is a snap of Aakash and Jade alongside 2 cans of food. The reason for the cans is shown to us later as part of a live demo of the MobileEye software.

Mobile Eye

Co-founded by students from Auckland University of Technology Aakash Polra, Jade Tan and Mohit Singh, MobileEye is creating technology capable of translating photographs into audible descriptions using smartphone technology.

“MobileEye brings the richness of visual information to blind people using commodity camera phones. The solution provides the ability to take guided pictures of your surroundings and “hear” the phone describe it to you. MobileEye uses a mixture of human intelligence (using crowd-sourcing technology) and artificial intelligence to provide vital information about what is being ‘seen’. The solution enables people to complete tasks that were not possible before and helps them be more independent.

Imagine taking out your mobile phone when you are in a café, pressing the camera shutter button and hearing a voice describing that there are three people reading magazines, and the menu on the table has a special on French onion soup. This is the magic world that MobileEye opens to blind people around the globe.”

Here is the actual clip from the day.

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