Sam Hunt Coming To It

For Sam Hunt- poetry is everyday stuff. At TEDxAuckland it seemed that breathing and poetry ( for him) is much the same and so amazing to hear him live having a bit of a ramble.

I would think on the day you either loved him or hated him -and that is ok.

Poem No.1 was a war poem – War History. No 2. What a Pity about that day when you wish you’d stayed at home. No. 3 October in the Bay about living over the water.


This poem was No.4 which is as Sam explained it as an attempt at defining the moment when a poem come to him – the moment of first confrontation – that moment…

“Coming To It
Three kids down at the front gate
wait the school bus
fog hung low down the valley
the house and saw needed paint
the bright washing on the line
a van Morison morning
a man without a dog is not a man
you don’t have to believe it you read it
but it’s all to do with the farm gate
the three kids waiting the bus
the man singing
the man we’re listening to
he knows where buses go
and why they never painted the house
and if its songs about fog you want van Morison’s your boy
So come on over here
take a look
the fog is lifting or is it just drifting
the buses taken the kids to school
and there’s a man singing
wait for it
the bright washing on the line bit
we’re all just
coming to it”

Poem #5 Wave Song after an encounter at All Day Bay
Poem # 6 Harold Saunders Boat Builder Tory Channel – when he mentioned the story about an interview with Henry Moore (the sculptor) who was asked “where did you first get the idea about the holes in the great carvings; and he replied “I was cutting one day so deep into the heart of the stone and I discovered the sky on the other side

Poem # 7 You House the Moon (Sonnet)

Here are those 7 poems for you to enjoy…