Saving the last Ocean – Ross Sea

Back in October at TEDxAuckland – cameraman / director Peter Young presented this talk from his documentary on the Ross Sea eco system in Antarctica.

The short version is that this sea is one of the last natural areas left on the planet and New Zealand allows fishing for toothfish which is worth about $50m annually.

At the time of this talk there were imminent discussions coming up to decide on the scope and detail for a Marine Protected Area to safeguard the Ross Sea.

Those talks went ahead: read more

“However a CCAMLR meeting in Hobart last month failed to reach an agreement about creating a marine protected area in the Ross Sea.

New Zealand and the United States had proposed an area of 2.27 million square kilometres to be protected, allowing limited fishing in some areas.”

This was a compromise and the irony of NZ continuing to fish an otherwise protected area to supply customers in Japan (mostly) seems to be lost on the government and other supporters.

For more information on this story Peter Young and others have a companion website for the documentary over at

There are further Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) discussions in Germany next year and so hopefully there will be another chance to save the last ocean.

Note: Video was moved in Dec 2012 so link has been updated.