TEDxAuckland 2012 Video Clips now up

Over the past few days most of the TEDxAuckland 2012 videos have been loaded up on the main TEDxTalks channel. A few were loaded earlier but this latest set is higher resolution up to HD.*

Paul WoodWhat’s Your Prison?: Paul Wood at TEDxAuckland was a remarkable talk from his personal experience to a wider understanding of what makes us all tick and how the choices we make each day affect our lives and the lives of those around us.

All the talks were great but for me Paul’s talk was a highlight. Maybe it is me but as I get older I am grateful to become more aware of insights regarding the human condition.

Thank you Paul for making me think more about constraints – conscious and subconscious.

Disablity is a topic most of us avoid. I’m convinced that many of us suffer from hidden or developing health conditions that disable us in some way and that contributes to the way we see the world.

This is a useful segue into The Label Libel, A New look at Diversity: Philip Patston.  Philip is a genre defying individual whose talk on diversity ranges across a wide range of topics after arriving on stage to an auto tuned song that he performed. Philip has been a comedian and his talk was delivered with a fair amount of humour.

* The TEDxAuckland 2012 videos list in order of appearance on the day is as follows. You can go to the TEDxTalks channel and search on TEDxAuckland 2012 but I will update this list as all clips get updated. There will likely be a full playlist on the main TEDxTalks channel when all clips have been loaded which should be very soon.

If you want to experience your own TEDxAuckland rerun in this order.

  1. Nanogirl, My Quest to Become a Superhero: Michelle Dickinson at TEDxAuckland 2012 http://youtu.be/9jV-KW1jpJo 
  2. Rebuilding Architecture from the Ground Up: Andrew Patterson at TEDxAuckland 2012 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mu5xYDkw9ys
  3. Higgs boson, The Kiwi Connection: David Krofcheck at TEDxAuckland http://youtu.be/qGtA4XXQRNE
  4. I CARE, Changing Lives In Iraq: Assil Russell at TEDxAuckland http://youtu.be/bYNRnfKh4ns
  5. Teaching Computers To Talk: Alistair Knott at TEDxAuckland http://youtu.be/qGtA4XXQRNE
  6. Wet Hot Beauties: Pip Hall at TEDxAuckland http://youtu.be/V3QM59nehBk
  7. What’s Your Prison?: Paul Wood at TEDxAuckland http://youtu.be/LjjlsW1MDmc
  8. Fighting Organ Failure: John Windsor at TEDxAuckland http://youtu.be/87Re2-hkTlo
  9. poetry from Sam Hunt at TEDxAuckland http://youtu.be/pW7uouAZAWo ( then lunch break)
  10. Inspiration Wherever You Are, The 100 Days Project: Emma Rogan at TEDxAuckland http://youtu.be/bZOwMqxLIn4
  11. The Mind Leading the Blind – Mobileeye, Aakash & Jade at TEDxAuckland http://youtu.be/Xt5OuEnJbM4
  12. Big Data and the Rise of Augmented Intelligence: Sean Gourley at TEDxAuckland http://youtu.be/mKZCa_ejbfg
  13. The Label Libel, A New look at Diversity: Philip Patston at TEDxAuckland http://youtu.be/hNUgOhJiQZc
  14. The Wall, Making History Social: Victoria Spackman at TEDxAuckland http://youtu.be/bPNyP2q08ow
  15. Saving Lives with the World’s Largest Subwoofer: Mathew Simmons at TEDxAuckland http://youtu.be/NnVNawRMes8
  16. Reinventing Reading: Paul Cameron at TEDxAuckland http://youtu.be/pz9kG1aUVe0
  17. Peter Young on the last Ocean at TEDxAuckland http://youtu.be/fXYXHIX4P0A

Update: 19th Dec 2012 – highlights clip