Why understanding the Why is Vital

Anyone who has worked in marketing or sales roles especially knows that it is much easier to support a product or service that you believe in when the idea behind it is compelling and believable.

Understanding why companies do what they do turns out to be a big part of achieving market leadership. This very much applies to the people side – that is – us. When we believe in the why of what we are doing nothing can stop us and we will be inspired to greatness.

Simon Sinek gave this talk on what he calls a “golden circle” back in Sept ’09 and it has been viewed more than 8m times since then.

Simons talk on How great leaders inspire action reasonates with such a large number of people because it is something that is missing from a lot of our business contexts.

We too often focus on the what far more than the why. I’m in favour of changing the world and leaving it a much better place for my family and friends.

Simon Sinek

As Simon sees it – the big inspiration gets us to believe in the company and then we will buy almost anything that comes from them. A key example he uses is Apple who somehow have managed to keep coming up with newer and better devices across the consumer and computer space because at the core “the why” message of Apple is something we can believe in.

We don’t really buy the iPhone or iPad we buy the Apple vision and we get the products as part of that shared journey. Apple is a company where people queue up to get new products on release date. That happens because of the golden circle.

Here is Simon Sinek talking about Martin Luther King…

“How many of them showed up for him? Zero. They showed up for themselves. It’s what they believed about America that got them to travel in a bus for eight hours to stand in the sun in Washington in the middle of August.
It’s what they believed, and it wasn’t about black versus white: 25 percent of the audience was white.

Dr. King believed that there are two types of laws in this world: those that are made by a higher authority and those that are made by man. And not until all the laws that are made by man are consistent with the laws that are made by the higher authority will we live in a just world.

It just so happened that the Civil Rights Movement was the perfect thing to help him bring his cause to life. We followed, not for him, but for ourselves.

And, by the way, he gave the “I have a dream” speech, not the “I have a plan” speech.”

And here is the clip. 8,118,776 Views so far – enjoy.

Best wishes for the Christmas season. The New Year is a great time to think up new projects and understand more of the why we do what we do.