TEDxAuckland 2013 Talks & Inspirations

The talks and other performances at TEDxAuckland 2013 this year were of a very high standard and a great day was had by 2000+ people at the event plus many more tuned in from around the world for the live stream.

A TEDx event is a bit like the conference equivalent of speed dating. Each speaker has up to 18 minutes to make a connection and the attendees are all connecting too as a community of like minded individuals drawn together by the sharing of great ideas.

Here is a screenshot of the programme and a few selected tweets to give an idea of how each talk went. With over 2000 tweets and many more related online discussion everyone will have had their own unique take on the day .

There were many take aways and many beautiful images. The swimming reindeer from David Trubridge fine zoomed on how a moment in time can change everything.


The first speaker was Jimi Hunt and his big idea of “asking for help” came over loud and clear as he delivered in a very fetching 1 and a half piece suit. I will try to pick 1 tweet for each talk but with 2000+ to choose from curating the stream is a big task.




Richard Nunns

Waimihi Hotere

The New Zealand String Quartet

King Kapisi & Teremoana Rapley

Mark Sagar

And that was the first session. Unfortunately the timetable ran over in the the opening session and that made break times shorter.

Pete Russell

David Trubridge

Grace Taylor

Grace Taylor with Marina Alefosio and a 16 yr old called Brian? did one poem each

Malcolm Rands

Joseph Michael

Robert Oliver

Len Brown

Helen Clark

Richard Faull

Ash Graham ( music)

Brian Sweeney

Sophie Tamati

Welby Ings

Joseph & Maia

Robyn Paterson

Dale Williams

At any TEDx event there will be speakers or other performances that don’t quite connect with you but they can also have the opposite effect on others. When choosing speakers we want great rather than good which does mean the audience will have a strong reaction either way.

With 17 speakers the hope is that you get surprised by a few speakers you didn’t expect to like. Having multiple disciplines on the same stage makes for a more interesting set.

This year had more of a cultural flavour than say science but there were 2 brilliant talks on artificial intelligence and the Brain so watch out for Mark Sagar and Richard Faull.

I personally liked most of the talks and I have seen literally hundreds of these since the main TED site went live in 2007 but in my view this was the best TEDx I have been to.

If I was to pick 3 talks that really got me thinking they would be David Trubridge, Robert Oliver and Dale Williams who all showed genuine originality.

Ultimately while the event can be enjoyed on many levels, the real test is what are we doing differently or new today linked to an insight or idea that was shared?

That is my 1 tweet per speaker version and I’ve left out more than 2000 tweets but what did you think?