Digital Trends in NZ – Research

Last week Roy Morgan Research published a slideshow about the Digital Universe in NZ and Australia. It is always great to see local research.  Australian and NZ cultures adapt to a changing media mix and digital environment in similar but different ways than the U.S.

The first slide that was of interest to me was the way in which twitter is still growing in NZ and the youth skew on the YouTube numbers. All of these numbers have implications for media and other content producers.

What is also interesting- is what has been left out of this research. I don’t see pinterest anywhere in the numbers* but some days that seems like my most active social account although all of the traffic comes from the U.S ( *slide 42 at 6%)

Increasingly we all have websites and at some level, we are both producers and consumers of online content.


Here are some other selected slides and my brief comments. This next one should have commercial TV people brushing up their cvs. The age of broadcast TV is over.


And print publishers also have some work to do. For “remains stable” my read is “asleep at the wheel.” The comments about noticing advertising have a wistful and hopeful tone to them. Tolerated is more like it.


Here is another key metric for TV centric businesses. ( Advertisers I’m looking at you.) As New Zealand is still part way through a digital TV switchover I expect “internet capable” TV’s will increase hugely as will takeup of AppleTV and similar decoder type devices.

Once ultra fast broadband reaches more neighbourhoods and data caps are increased dramatically these numbers will change very quickly.


This research on online shopping caught my eye. I’m an online worker and I view everything online first. If you want to offer a product or service and you don’t have a website don’t call me.

On the other hand if you have an offline business I will probably still check you out online but I may buy offline. It’s a trust and verify thing. Price comparisons are a driver here as it has become much easier to find the best pricing online.


And here is the final media slide. I’m surprised radio in NZ is so high and at the differences with Australia.


Here is the full slide show – all 43 of them. What are your thoughts?

Thanks Roy Morgan.