Poetry at TEDxAuckland 2013

One of the magic moments at TEDxAuckland 2013 was when Grace Taylor and 2 of her Rising Voices collective shared some poetry with us. Poetry was always written to be read and so the resurgence of the spoken word movement is really a return to the roots of poetry.

Grace Taylor is a spoken word poet, teaching artist and youth development worker. She believes in the empowerment of words, in particular through creative manifestations and providing spaces for people to tell their own stories. Grace’s poetry ciphers strongly around dialogues about identity, with her believing that the exploration of a sense of belonging is underestimated in many facets of society. Grace is co-founder of the South Auckland Poets Collective and the Rising Voices Youth Poetry Movement.”http://www.niunavigations.com

In this talk -The power of words: Grace Taylor at TEDxAuckland

Here are the other two performances by Marina Alefosio – Black Polynesia

And I Am Me: Brian Gashema at TEDxAuckland