Women – Keep Leaning In

Sheryl Sandberg wrote a book called Lean In – here is what has happened since then. I watched this clip last night and just loved hearing the update. This was recorded in Dec 2013 for TEDxWomen.

An excellent clip for men (and women) to listen to and learn from.

“Sandberg admits she was terrified to step onto the TED stage in 2010 — because she was going to talk, for the first time, about the lonely experience of being a woman in the top tiers of business. Millions of views (and a best-selling book) later, the Facebook COO talks with the woman who pushed her to give that first talk, Pat Mitchell. Sandberg opens up about the reaction to her idea, and explores the ways that women still struggle with success.”


And from the transcript…

“And what really mattered to me — it wasn’t only women in the corporate world, even though I did hear from a lot of them, and it did impact a lot of them, it was also people of all different circumstances.

There was a doctor I met who was an attending physician at Johns Hopkins, and he said that until he saw my TED Talk, it never really occurred to him that even though half the students in his med school classes were women, they weren’t speaking as much as the men as he did his rounds.

So he started paying attention, and as he waited for raised hands, he realized the men’s hands were up. So he started encouraging the women to raise their hands more, and it still didn’t work. So he told everyone, no more hand raising, I’m cold-calling. So he could call evenly on men and women.

And what he proved to himself was that the women knew the answers just as well or better, and he was able to go back to them and tell them that.”

“so this kind of acknowledgement of these biases can change it. And so next time you all see someone call a little girl “bossy,” you walk right up to that person, big smile, and you say, “That little girl’s not bossy. That little girl has executive leadership skills.”