Turn it Up – Old age as Opportunity

Paradoxically when our older population retires they have more time and resources to live. It’s just that we expect them to fade from view and “retire from life”. We often place them in retirement villages in the country or at least away from the mainstream.

There is a grey tsunami coming and all need to think and do better to prepare for this. Billie Jordan’s talk from TEDxAuckland 2015 was a highlight of the event. The Hip Op-eration Crew have 22 members ranging from youngest at 68 up to 96 – average age 80.

In the talk Billie throws down the challenge for us. What are we collectively going to do to improve the lives of our senior citizens. Over 65’s may still live 1/3rd of their lives “off the radar” and generally we don’t see that population group as a resource – but we should. We should all raise our expectations and keep on celebrating life.

Billie “The thought that somebody might die on a dancefloor… was shocking to some” but raising the expectations of what we can all do is a great idea and especially with the Hip Op-eration Crew.

Billie Jordan

The Hip Op-eration Crew: The world’s oldest dance troupe | Billie Jordan | TEDxAuckland – the talk

And here is the group performance. Inspiring.