TEDxAuckland 2016 Preview

TEDxAuckland 2016 is a bit different this year as it is spread out over a day and a half with 22+ speakers. It also takes place on a Thursday and Friday rather than a weekend.

TEDxAuckland 2016: flipside will feature two days of talks, events, activities and social time. This year we’re in a smaller venue than previous years in order to provide the hosting, break out spaces and food and beverage side you deserve.”

Our Theme this year is: flipside
– The perspective you get from seeing an old problem in a new way.
– Turning hierarchies on their head and putting ideas ahead of ideology.
– Sidestepping power structures, gender, race and geography.
– Stepping outside your workplace, your country and even your hemisphere to connect with a community of speakers, delegates and partners united by a healthy disrespect for business as usual.”

Speakers this time include: Adria Richards, Jayne Bailey, Toby Carr, Letty Brown, Minnie Baragwanath, Solonia Teodros, Grace Clapham, Richard Aston, Ian McCrae, Michael Moka, Megan May, Keith Ng, Adrien Taylor, Pani Farvid, Matt Shirtcliffe, Georgia Lala, Joseph Driessen, Rory Steyn, Cori Gonzalez-Macuer, Lizzie Marvelly, Samuel Gibson and Sharad Paul.

As always some speakers will be of more interest than others. Often the ones you least expect to surprise and delight are the ones that have the most impact.


As a tech oriented person I am most looking forward to hearing from Adria Richards, Keith Ng and Ian McCrae. Adria is a silicon valley identity, Keith makes great data visualisations. Ian is the founder of Orion Health which is now very much a global software and services company.

I remember having a chat with Ian 12 years ago about how long it would take to make that company a billion dollar firm and when it would have 1000+ staff. At the time those numbers seemed way off but being born global has paid off for them.

There are plenty of other great talks. As the father of a teen I am keen to hear Georgia Lala

“Georgia is trying to change the way we look at sustainability. Her award winning research into the applications of aquaponics won her the Prime Minister’s Future Scientist award, and at the age of 18 she started her own business, Root Aquaponics, where she hopes to start selling aquaponic units she designed to homes and schools in New Zealand.”

Tickets for TEDxAuckland 2016 have been on sale for a few weeks now. Due to demand it is now possible to get day passes for either Thursday or Friday or for the whole event.

I have been visiting Otago for a family event and I was delighted to read about one of the TEDxAuckland 2015 top speakers. In a local Otago Daily Times news story called

App a real eye opener

An award-winning Dunedin junior doctor has produced a world-first smartphone app to help diagnose people who may have sight-threatening illnesses.

Dr Hong Sheng Chiong’s medical company oDocs Eye Care has created an app-kit that performs a similar function to $50,000 worth of eye-examination equipment.

Emergency eye diagnosis could be slow, unresponsive and expensive.

ODocs created a portable eye-care kit that used a 3D printer and a smartphone to create ocular imaging adapters that took pictures of the eye and retina, he said.

I love that common sense and a desire to help people has meant this project is open source and able to help people

“Dr Hong and his team developed the prototype smartphone app and an open-source 3D-printable attachment that enabled doctors to easily view and photograph the back of the eye.

The company has just released the commercial version, the “visoScope”, which replaced the conventional direct ophthalmoscope and retinal camera used by eye doctors to diagnose conditions such as glaucoma and macular degeneration.

Retinal cameras typically cost about $US20,000 ($NZ29,000) while the visoScope was being offered at $US249, he said.”

oDocs Eye Care is a great project and they are looking for extra investment funds if you want to follow up with them. We wrote about them last year

Update: New speakers will likely be announced. Here is David Drummond

Barbara Breen, David Harvey