Samuel Gibson adventurer and inspiration

A few weeks ago Samuel Gibson spoke at TEDxAuckland where he wowed the audience with his personal story of being born “the luckiest boy in the world” despite having osteogenesis imperfecta, a genetic disorder that makes for brittle bones that fracture easily.

In the talk Sam talks about how his parents were advised to institutionalise him as he was “severely disabled”. His parents had a different view and they never used that word disabled. Instead he was encouraged to live live to the fullest.

In once story he recounts that he was riding a quad bike. He fell off and suffered more bone breaks. All he could think about though was

“I was riding a bike – how cool is that?”

Sam inspired everyone at TEDxAuckland with his attitude and the intentions that led him and another friend to design a new kind of wheelchair that could help others like him.

Update: In sad news Samuel has died over the weekend. Brittle bone adventurer Samuel Gibson dies after suffering head injury during half-marathon.

Update: June3 – Video clip of full talk replaced short clip from newspaper.

Here is a photo of Sam on the wheelchair he designed taken at TEDxAuckland a few weeks ago. The talks at TEDxAuckland were all filmed and when Sam’s talk is available in full we will include it here to. In the meantime a short clip from that is available above.

On his TEDx background Samuel (Gibson) was described as an “adventurer / entrepreneur / wheelchair designer.”

“Samuel is part of a wheelchair design partnership that is changing the lives around world in the most practical way. Physical independence is something Samuel is very passionate about and sees it as one of the most basic of human rights.”

Samuel Gibson at TEDxAuckland 2016

He was also an inspiration to many. To his family and friends we are sorry for your loss.