A brighter day – good to be alive today – song

Film festival time here and I have managed to catch a few films including “A Flickering Truth‘ and “Shadow World‘ which are both documentaries.

‘A Flickering Truth’ is a story about rescuing the film archive in Afghanistan made by NZ film maker Pietra Brettkelly. A nation’s film history is a kind of collective memory. In a nation where 70% of the population are illiterate sharing a visual record of the the stories and culture of the place is vitally important.

‘A Flickering Truth’ is generally hopeful but as the archive takes some of those films on the road out to villages around the country there is an increase in the tension as some neighbourhoods are still very unsafe.

‘Shadow World’ sidesteps the usual conspiracy theory traps. It is full of specific details on the arms trade. Having now seen the full film it is clear that the corruption at the highest levels of government in the U.K and U.S is incredibly distressing on a personal level. I wrote more about Shadow World over here.

Some days the news seems all bad. We need to do all we can to reflect and be grateful for the good as part of the antidote to all of that. Here is a song from Michael Franti that changed my day today. Hope you like it.

I found the song after spotting this tiny concert that just happened on Facebook live. However I am a fan and so no surprise that Franti is creating a little bit of joy we can all share.