WordCamp Auckland 2017

This weekend I went along to WordCamp Auckland which was a gathering of 70 or so WordPress users, developers, bloggers and designers. I’ve been to quite a few wordcamps* before myself and it is often a surprise where the greatest insights come from.

Below here is a snap of the 14 speakers plus 2 main organisers.

The wordcamp website is over here and you can check out the details and the other content there.

As always there was a lot to think about and I love ed how even though we are often working with the same elements there are an infinite way to frame the various processes and outcomes possible.

After 11years of working in WordPress I stay with it because of the community and its sharing ethos. There were many good talks. The ones I liked the most are at the existential end of the scale cause that is how I personally roll.

The Peter Wilson talk on Imposter Syndrome was a personal highlight. The reality of the tech business is that even when we are subject matter experts sometimes just knowing the best places to look helps us to deliver for your clients.

And often we know a lot more than we think we know. Many of us are self taught and being an autodidact is good thing. That ability to be able to skill up to solve a unique problem is one that is valued and we should value ourselves too.

Bill Bennett spoke about How to Engage an Audience as a writer. I have heard many of Bills writing tips before but they bear repeating.

@Kristarella showed us an over the top tea ordering app she is working on for guests at her house. Making sense of how to use a new component of WordPress like the REST API is a challenge and that story made sense to me.

There was very much more. Here are a handful of tweets that captured some of the screens and presenters today.

I tweeted the entire event on my timeline and the WordcampNZ twitter account also.

Update: A photo of most of the attendees including myself taken by Kristen is below. This is afternoon on day 2 so some attendees have already left.

Auckland 2017

*Note: There have been 6 previous wordcamps in New Zealand in Auckland and Wellington starting in 2009 at the Mt Vic Bowling Club in Wellington. 2010 at Unitec in Auckland. 2011 at Te Papa in Wellington. 2012 at Ellen Melville Centre in Auckland. 2014 at AUT in Auckland and 2014 in Wellington.

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